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The Ram 1500 is the standout truck in the Canadian half-ton market, offering amazing power and performance matched by in-cabin luxuries to rival any high-end SUV. And while the 2021 range offers excellent value, you can get an even better bargain by choosing one of the pre-owned 2020 Ram 1500 trucks available for sale at our Victoria dealership. Here's why the 2020 models make such a great pre-owned option.

Ram 1500 Models: 2020 Compared to 2021

If you're looking to enjoy all the power and capability of the Ram 1500 lineup then a pre-owned 2020 model makes an ideal choice. The underlying powertrain is identical to the latest 2021 range, and provides all the same performance, towing, and payload ratings. All you'll miss out on is a head-up display on the top-level trims, a digital rear-view mirror on others, and a dedicated off-road stats page on some models' infotainment systems.
And what's more, with Ram models famed for their reliability and covered by a comprehensive manufacturer's guarantee, when you buy a 2020 model you can expect exactly the same level of trouble-free operation as you can from buying new.

Ram 1500 Specs: Under the Hood

The advanced Ram engineering is one of the high points of the 1500 range, and the 2020 offerings are still at the top of the line. The entry-level engine is a meaty 3.6L V6 gas model coupled with a 48V mild hybrid system, delivering a total of 305 horsepower and 269lb-ft of torque. The output is passed through a silky eight-speed automatic transmission to all-wheel drive as standard.
But if you're looking for even more, trading up to a 5.7L V8 mill brings 395 hp and 410lb-ft for a substantial increase in everyday performance. And at the very top of the power range, the optional 6.2L supercharged V8 Hellcat engine puts out an astonishing 702 horsepower and 650lb-ft of torque, an output level that's unmatched anywhere else in the 1500's class.
However, the engine options don't end there. Diesel devotees will love the 3.0L turbodiesel model which drops the ponies back down to 260 hp, but creates a hugely impressive torque of 480lb-ft, perfect for the most arduous everyday tasks you ask of a truck.

Towing and Payload

But how do those engines translate into everyday work capability? Depending on the trim and output, the 2020 Ram 1500 is capable of carrying up to 1,052kg in payload, coupled with a huge maximum of 5,873kg in trailer weight towed behind.

Interior Tech

But the 2020 Ram 1500 isn't all about raw power. The interior offers an impressively comfortable experience, with features including infotainment touchscreens of up to 12" in size, full smartphone integration on every model, and in-built navigation available as an optional extra.

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Experience the power and capability of the Ram 1500 for yourself with a test drive from our Victoria dealership. Our inventory of pre-owned 2020 Ram 1500 trucks covers the entire range, and delivers all the powerful quality of the latest 2021 models but at an attractively discounted price.