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Wille Dodge When to Replace All Season Tires

Wille Dodge When to Replace All Season Tires

If you own a vehicle, you may be wondering when to replace the tires. It's crucial to make sure you keep up with tire replacement so that your vehicle operates properly. Let's take a closer look at this topic.


Why You Need to Replace All-Season Tires


Although they may say "all-season" tires, that doesn't mean they can last for all seasons all the time. There comes a time when you need to plunge in and replace those year-round tires. Why do you need to be diligent about replacing your tires?


For one thing, a worn tire can blow out while drive, causing you more trouble than expected. Also, when tires start to get worn or threadbare in certain spots, you may not be able to stop adequately if the ground is slippery at all. When this occurs, you could end up hydroplaning, skidding, or losing control of the vehicle. All these potential occurrences can lead to an accident. So, to be safe on the road, it's crucial to always drive with good tires.


When to Replace Your All-Season Tires


You may not know when to replace your tires. The tire manufacturer gives recommendations on when to replace them. On average, tires may last for 96,000 km to 120,500 km or 5 years. However, some people are harder on tires than others. Plus, there are items that can cause damage to your tires and cause them to wear down faster.


It's always good to inspect your tires even if it hasn't been that many kilometres or years. You can look for worn-out spots on the tire tread. Also, if the tire tread is not tall anymore, then chances are you need new tires. Other signs that you might be ready for a new set of tires includes:


  • Vibration while driving
  • Cuts to the sidewall
  • Bulging parts of the tire
  • Visible damage to the tire
  • Slowly losing air
  • Embedded things in the tire


If you're not comfortable checking them yourself, you can have an auto technician look at your tires for wear and tear. They will measure the actual tread depth with a piece of equipment so that you can be assured of whether you need new tires or not.


Find New Tires at Wille Dodge


Are you thinking you might need new tires? If you have questions about changing your all-season tires, you talk to someone at Wille Dodge. We will set up an appointment to look at your tires and help you pick out the ideal set if needed. Get in touch for more information today.

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